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*Eastern and Central will continue to be mailed as one section.

This publication is printed in three versions (Easter, Central, and Western), six times a year (once every two months). Our Eastern Edition is direct mailed to over 13,000 businesses, the Central Edition to over 6,000, and our Western Edition to a little over 19,000. We also mail all three editions to every commercial Realtor, or those who identify themselves as a commercial broker.

The total mailed pieces is just over 39,000. We then deliver another 10,000 copies to around 800 rack locations across the state of Montana.



1. One $20.00 Membership pays for an entire office.
2. Unlimited Listings
3. Add, Update, Delete and Archive your listings from your own computer.
4. One membership pays for ALL your agents.

Affiliate Memberships $10.00/month An affiliate member is defined as a member whose occupation/business is supportive of the Commercial Real Estate industry but they, themselves are not a licensed Commercial Realtor(i.e. financial managers, banks, contractors, etc.).
Advertising Banners: (with or without animation)
• Option #One: 2 1/16" x 8"
- At the top of the any "property category" (Office, Retail, Land etc.) • Examples
• All Banners are $20 per month
Call or E-Mail: Don Kuntz at • 406-656-0608 •
RIM Advertising • P.O. Box 80644 • 2048 Overland Ave. • Billings, MT. 59108

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